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Decided I wanted to finish what I started in 2005: my mcse. I have MCSA so 293 is next on the chopping block. What book is everyone using now? I see several pass post, but they do not state their study materials.
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    Usually, Microsoft published self pace training kit is a bible for every single exams not only for mcse but for any other exams. But, talking about 70-293, syngress book for 70-293 is much better than Microsoft self pace kit, which is known to be very bad for this exams.
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    I always used the Microsoft Academic Press books. On the expensive side, but most of them I had to buy for school anyway.
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    i'm kinda in the same boat...decided to finish with mcse after a few years of poking it with a

    I've got transcenders, I've got that syngress book...I also have some cbt training videos I purchased awhile well as the cbt that comes with the book...and to round it off...i've been googling a few of the concepts that I feel I need more indepth training on.

    And i've been using experience to make sense of alot...and tie some things together. (alot of whats in the book...i can say oh yeah...thats what that meant...or...I remember when I had to do that and this happened...)

    good luck on your studies...i'm trying to be done in before thanksgiving...i'm putting the finishing touches on 293 and should be ready to test any day now.
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