Top 10 Paying IT jobs: See which IT jobs pay the most.

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Take a careful look at the # of respondents, which for the top 1 job is only one...

Seems like I'd be better off webmastering for someone else ;)


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    those numbers dont look to acurate. i looks like every calls their positions something special. cant make sence of that chart.
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    how much money does someone make with getting a CCIE cert?? whatever the concentration. Ofcourse you have to get experience in the first place to get this cert so you do have the main combo of cert and good amount experience
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    Some of those figures look a bit inflated. Likely it depends upon where one lives and what type of competition there is. $40,000 - $60,000 seems about normal for most of those position in my region. $35-$45 likely the norm on most with $70-$80 high end or pay at a larger firm.
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