Need advice for next move

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HR scheduled a phone interview:
The HR interview went well and they set up an unconfirmed Tech interview for the next day.
He Called.
The Tech interview seemed to be great. I told him my week points and my strong points;
If feel I did well with the tech interview,

during the interview, He said I see you know Solaris, I said yeah well Linux, and Unix are not my strong point. We then talked a little about Linux and he said that Linux is their main OS.

I expected to never hear from them but did the thank you email four days later.

TODAY I get an email from HR,
HR Say: (we still interviewing but results will be in in two weeks and we will update you then.)
DO: I just want let it stew, or
should I address 3~4 key issues in a short, short email and send it out to them early Friday?

thanks for and help, advice.
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