Pissed @ my recruiter

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Hello everyone, I seriously need to rant, I'm pissed at a job recruiter. A recruiter at a unnamed agency called me about a job and it was a great job. Without getting into details of the job or the agency I need advice..
I recently went to a interview for a position, i dont have much experience with this field of IT but its a lucrative field and I thought the interview was going GREAT, they seemed to like me but I noticed that the recruiter changed the length of time of my experience in this field without my knowledge and I think it may have hurt my chance for the position --SINCE I TOLD THE TRUTH--- I followed up with the recruiter to see if he got any feedback and he wasnt as thrilled as I would have thought, when I brought up that my resume was changed he played STUPID and act like he had no idea what I was talking about. I understand why he did it but he should have told me, I traveled to this interview on my own dime and believe me it wasnt easy (Hurricane IRENE) Im pissed that he threw my into the fire like that without the heads up.


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    I don't really see what your options are. Keep looking for a job. Finding the first one is always the hardest. Should he have changed your resume? No. But good for you for being honest. If he refuses to play honest, find someone who will. Lying on an application can come back to bite you in the butt at any time. 6 months into a job they might have to fire you if it comes to light (happened to a good friend of mine).
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    It isn't that uncommon for a headhunter/recruiter to reformat a resume and/or polish it up, but they should at least make you aware they intend to do that.
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    blargoe wrote: »
    It isn't that uncommon for a headhunter/recruiter to reformat a resume and/or polish it up, but they should at least make you aware they intend to do that.

    I have had this happen on several occasions. I usually end up getting the job. The recruiter/account manager know the customer usually and what they are looking for. I usually go along with it.
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    The only change I've ever seen recruiters do to mine, is to remove my contact info, and put their company logo and contact info in its place.

    I've never once had the recruiter send me a copy of the resume in the format that they give their clients. The only way I've ever seen the changes, is at the interview when I look across the desk/table and see the copy of my resume the interviewer is holding. I always bring copies of my resume with me just in case.

    Personally I would not work with the recruiter anymore. Tell them in writing that you no longer wish to have them represent you. Ask them to remove your resume from their databases, and tell them they no longer have your permission to submit your resume to any clients.

    I'm very selective when it comes to working with recruiters, and have my own set of unwritten rules for them. You'll learn to develop those too.
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    I am sure he was wearing one of these:

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    Everyone wrote: »
    I always bring copies of my resume with me just in case.

    Always do this. Whether you are interviewing for the job on your own or with a recruiter, bring a few copies in your portfolio (yes, you should have one of them too).

    The first and obvious reason is that because every place that got your resume from a recruiter or even their website has likely killed the formatting of it. When you design your resume to perfectly fit 1 or 2 pages, online submits usually turn this into a 2-3 pager and put page breaks in terrible places. Sometimes they won't take yours, sometimes they will. (The high quality paper is a nice touch as well). Whether they do or they don't it shows that you are responsible and organized. Two good qualities in any candidate.

    I've never had anyone change my resume, but I did a recruiter recommend some changes once.
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