Network + went down today!

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Passed 820/900. New guy here. Learned a lot from this site. Took the Net + today. Used Bill Ferguson's Network + review guide. Took about 3 weeks to read and absorb. The CD-ROM exams and flash cards helped but I ended up making flash cards for things like well known ports, cable types and protocols and where they fit in to the OSI model. I found that I was a little unprepared for it. I had many questions that had protocols that I have never seen. They also ask strange thinks like what routing protocol uses (another protocol) to function. My book didn't go this much in detail but I did pass. My study guide was about 1/8 as thin as the normal book. I know, I purchased the kit and ended up using the small book.

With out telling to much about the test, I had multiple questions about WI-FI. Be ready and know all types..e.g.: 802.11a-n and speeds. Multiple troubleshooting LAN and WLAN questions. BEST solution type of question. Make no mistake, all were solutions. What was the best?? Had many questions about POTS and old outdated crap. That started to make me mad. No subneting questions! Lucky me! Know your IP Address classes. Know the difference in IPv4 and 6 and know what a valid MAC address looks like. They tried to trick me big time and slide some periods in on some. Know what software tools are what, e.g. nbtstat, netstat. I didn't have any about the command switch's. Know ALL networking equipment. If you get in the industry witch I have been for 10 years, you're going to have to need to know it anyway. Well besides hubs cause in real life cause no one uses them anymore, but know them for the test.

Deductive logic got me through. I first eliminate all BS questions. Then all you can ever do is answer your best and If you went through the material then you shouldn't have a problem. I was sweating, I really thought I was going to fail I felt that unsure about it. 820 not the best but it got it done. Great luck to you all!!! This site helps a great deal!!


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