Taking the Exam next Thursday Sept.8th

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So, I've been doing alright on my practice tests, but I still feel nervous bout this exam. I'm doing all the studying I can using the book I was given in class, plus the professor messer videos, AND also the practice tests I got a while back from Prep Logic. The 8th was the soonest I could get fit in at my school to take the exam, but that sucks because I'm starting Tuesday on a new course for the 70-680, which means less study time for Net+, and more having to pay attention to the Win 7 certification. Oh well, wish me luck, its going to be packed like this for a while. Here is to hoping I pass and that I will do great in the next few classes I have coming up. By mid October I should be finished with my classes for 70-680, 70-640, 70-642, 70-646.

I've no clue what I want to get after that. May pick back up my Sec+ book, or I may grab my CCENT/CCNA book and take a peek again.


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    Well, wish you all good luck with your N+ exam...
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    Know your wiring standards, wireless, routing protocols, port numbers, and you should be fine, allot of test is logical deduction, just make sure to read the question and the answers completely. Write down the questions on your scrap paper that you didn't understand or nervous about go back and look at them a second time before submitting.

    You will be fine! Good luck icon_thumright.gif
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    Passed. Only got an 800 / 900 , but I think with having not seen the material in almost 10 years, plus studying from Auguest 22nd to August 30th and getting an 800 isnt too bad. 8 Days of hardcore studying for that exam. Now to continue my 70-680 class, which end this Saturday. So I'll be taking a few days next week to finish studying for it , once comfortable I'll schedule my exam. The problem with scheduling the exams at this school is how long you have to wait for an opening. I would have taken the Test on August 31st, but this was the first available day on the schedule.
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    Good job buddy!congratz!icon_cheers.gif
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    Congratz on the pass! icon_cheers.gif
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    Great work man!
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    The following tips may be followed while answering MCQs.

    1. Read the Instructions carefully. If you have to answer 70 questions in 1hour, then make sure you are spending less than a minute on each question.

    2. Read the question quickly but understand it properly.

    3. Check if you know the answer before going through the options.

    4. Apply logic and eliminate the ones that might appear to be wrong.

    5. Be careful with the choices like ‘None of the Above’ and ‘ All of the above’.

    6. If there is a doubt about the answer, make a mark on the question and attempt the question later.

    7. Never leave any question un attempted. There is always a possibility of getting the correct answer by guessing.

    8. Understand the terminology in a proper way.

    9. If you run out of time to come back and answer the marked questions, quickly delete the marks on those unanswered questions

    10. Be careful about use of two negatives – for eg: never go unprepared
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    Congrats on the pass!
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