Confusion with my new server

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Hi all.
Finally got myself a hp proliant server cheap to help pass the exam and know what I'm doing alot better.
Thing is I've just install my windows server 2003 and I tried dc promo but annoyingly it wasn't installing a dhcp server. Anyone know why?
Then I started from scratch and done the manage my server wizard and it set up my new server as it should with dhcp. Obv on of my LAN adaptors has been got a static Ip address but why has my 2lan got a Apipa address?
Could it do with authorise needing on dhcp to get it up and running. I'm a little so confused I thought it would pick up and get an ip address from the newly installed dhcp server.
I've only got my serve running an got both cables plugged into a d/link fast Ethernet switch.
I saw it set up dhcp with scope whn the configure this as a new server wizard?
Sorry I know alot of questions but silly me I thought it should be automatic if the above was done.


  • jamesthatsmeukjamesthatsmeuk Member Posts: 49 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Sorry just to add to my confusing note when I installed server first time I did plug my USB dongle before doing dcpromo.
    Would the dhcp serve from that install stop my server installing a dhcp server when rubbing dcpromo?
    Also I did reinstall server before running the manage my server and configure as a new server wizard.
  • jamesthatsmeukjamesthatsmeuk Member Posts: 49 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Now I know. Easy one really I didn't ad computer to domain or apply allow the add computers to ad permission! Silly old me. Also my cables were not correctly connect via Ethernet. Done alot more work and realised I need to change the way it was connected at rj-45
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