Taking CISSP this week

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Hi, I am taking the CISSP this Saturday 9/10. As a bit of gauge to see where I am at I took all 250 of the practice questions on cccure.org on PRO settings and have the following scores. 80% or better in 2 domains, 70% better in 6 domains and 60% in 2 domains.

I just wonder what you guys think if you have taken the test and also used cccure for practice.



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    If you know the concepts of all domains thoroughly, you should be able to perform well in exam. Make sure you have done official guide properly. you still have some time to strengthen your weak areas. so you can work on it.

    It has nothing to do with cccure.org score. any quiz online will tell you your weak areas. it does not matter if you score 60% in quiz or 90%.

    If you dont know the concept very well, its going to be tough for you.

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    Yes, my goal this week was to just keep reviewing all the material and spend some extra time going over the weaker areas.
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