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Anyone heard of a Mr. freeze program? Soemone i know was surfing the web, then a program called Mr. Freeze somehow got into her computer. When she starts up her computer she gets loads of icons on her desktop in relation to this Mr. Freeze program.
When she tries to log into the internet Mr. Freeze stops her from doing so.

Anyone got any ideas what this program is and how to get rid of it?



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    What OS is she running?

    If it is XP I would suggest that you download Adaware, SpybotSD and the MS AntiSpyware tools on another machine and burn them to disk so you can load them on her machine.

    I have not heard of mrfreeze, but if you are confident about startups you could run msconfig and stop anything from running that you don't absolutely need while you cleanse the system. Also remove anything (or everything) from Start Menu / Programs / Startup. A trip to C:\Windows\Prefetch would not go astray either.
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    Thanks RussS.

    She is running Xp. I will foolow your advice and i have already told her to try MSCONFIG and also to see if its lodged in add/remove programs too. I have also told her to try system restore

    The program seems to take her to the same homepage no matter what she wants to do. Maybe its a hijacking program and i know there are anti-hijacking programs out there that might deal wiht the problem. However the most powerful of these are difficult to use.
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