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Well I just passed the Network + exam. I was surprised at the amount of wireless related information on the exam. Either way, really good exam and I recommend taking it.


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    Congratulations! I am scheduled to take the Network+ exam next Friday. I feel good about wireless networking; it is troubleshooting that I seem to have trouble with.

    I do have a question about RG58 and RG59. The answer to a coaxial cable question in a practice test has an answer of RG58 (I do not remember the exact question), but my text in school only mentions RG-6 and RG-59 as in: "Cable modems connect using either RG-6 or rarely, RG-59." The textbook mainly covered UTP and fiber, and the textbook was to prepare us for the Network+ exam. I hope that the test will have very few questions about coaxial cabling.
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    The test does cover various cables and their limitations/capes/connectors. I use Google alot for studying. (google has a CCIE)

    You'll be fine. I will admit that I love the way Comptia lets you review and flag. Nice touch.
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    Congratz on the pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on your pass!
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    I passed the exam! I was very confident entering the test and very unsure after the test, but I passed. I think that every test is different, by drawing questions from a pool, so I had very few wireless questions. On another post, someone mentioned being surprised by the amount of subnetting questions; again, I had very few subnetting questions. For me the test was a whole lot harder than the different practice tests that I took, and easily passed. With this exam done, I think that I have a better feel for the next one.
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    well done bro!icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks, Ayvz. Congratulations on your Net+, also.
    You said that you're going for A+ next, why not try for Security+?
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    Awesome work man! Great job Sir.
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    Thanks, Joshuab009. What's next for you?
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