server+ booked for monday

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well I had a week off between my last cert and starting my ccna lab time (I am waiting on some of my gear to show up that should have been here, but it came from the east coast and got caught in the hurricane last week)...

So, i thought about what i could do in the mean time. I thought about finally sitting for the 70-680, but I realized I was to sketchy on 2008R2 (and from what I have read they ask you a ton of 2008R2 stuff on the win7 exam) and wanted something easy.

after acing the comptia 10 question sample of server+ i said sure this looks good icon_cheers.gificon_thumright.gif

ebay had a voucher for $145 and I registed for this coming monday. been sitting through some skillport CBT's and acing the exams it has... all the study info i have found looks good. icon_study.gif

I am aiming to get this cert done faster than the net+ one i sat for last week (took 20 minutes including signing in to the test center)... icon_cool.gif
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