What to do? - advice reqd on splitting up company servers

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Hi ,
Could I get some ideas on best way to split up my company domain.
The organisation is going to sell off two sites, and the new guys taking over have no IT dept, so I need to take care of the sold side too b4 I cut off the links.
The scenario:
3x DC Servers ( W2k) say A,B,C WAN different locations
one domain
Native mode
B &C Linked to Server A via Frame

All servers have exchange 2k, but mail is forwarded from the A server to B and to C.

A server staying, B& C going
A was the first in the domain .

The new owners dont want IT staff, and dont want to do the right thing like creating their own domains etc etc they just want the site to remain as is ( no email but access to old data and email)

I know the correct thing to do would be to DC promo B&C and to hell with em, but that would leave the sites B & C in chaos , and I cant rename domain cos native mode so..
I could hack the A server to remove the other domain controllers and vv, kill the links and leave the 2 sites in limbo..but
Any better ideas???please!
Much appreciated
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    So if I understand you correctly, the servers B & C need to end up in their own domain? And they want you to continue to manage them? They want things to remain as is? Give more details on exactly what you mean by that, and I'll try to help. The first thing that comes to mind is creating a child domain for servers b & c (they'll be sub domains of the domain server a is the dc of). Or you also have the option of creating a totally seperate domain and still manage them and access data both ways via trusts.
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