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I've just received my welcome kit and it says I shodl have info on howto receive the rebate on the first year subscription.. however, I have the certificate, wallet card, lapel pin etc but no info on how to get the rebate on first years subscrition.... did anyone else get the info? is it a form to fill in or something? the only refernece to technet is in the actual letter you get which just tells you to go to technet website... but doesn't say how you actually apply for the rebate i.e is there a special code to type in to allow you the rebate as when I went there, there is a offer for 30% off and thats all..

Thanks for any help. Alternatively, shoudl I just email M$ and see what they say as it appearsI have something missing?




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    Log into the MCP secured site and check there.

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    I ended up calling customer service to get mine. I think they ended up pointing me to some url that was not listed on the mcp site. In the past I've never had a problem with this, but this year I went with the Technet plus DVD subscription. Concerning things like this I always call once I'm to the point of frustration. I must say they're usually very good at resolving things of this nature.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I check the MCP site out the other night and still couldn't find anyhting relevant to the discount. All i found was a link to the technet website which just lists there current 30% discount.

    hmmm looks as if I may have to email the mcp guys if i find there address and ask them to give me the relevant information. I'm based in the UK so i dunno if there is a number to call a local office over here or not. I'm not planning on subscribing to it at this very moment in time, i'm probably going to subscribe around the end of June/begining of July time but the information would be handy to have just incase i her m$ are going to stop the discount or anyhting daft liek that then i can order it before they do ;)

    Thanks again.

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