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Its almost been a year exactly since I took my ITIL bridge exam. I just finished writing and passing my last capability exam SOA.

Last hurdle will be the MALC exam. I've been told that the pass rate is only 55%.

I was looking for suggestions from others that have passed this exam on which training providers (classroom or virtual/blended) that you found really good. I've been doing self study using Art of Service and ITSM solutions and found them to be average.

ALso any tips for studying and passing MALC.


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    Hi Jeng

    If you've already taken 2 online courses then you should be adequately prepared in terms of the syllabus and what you need to study. If you don't feel prepared then perhaps this is a sign that online training isn't working very well for you? I don't know if you've taken your capabilities online or in a classroom.

    The exam technique you've learnt on your capabilities will really help you in the MALC exam, but it also requires a change in perspective. You need to think across the lifecycle and from a high level, business view rather than focusing on one particular area.

    Extra reading in the core volumes is also great preparation - grab a copy of the MALC syllabus and go through it line by line - look for any areas you don't feel prepared on and target those.

    Your training org. should provide you with some tutor support to give you some exam guidance.

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    I am planning to give my Intermediate in a few months, could you advice me on the material to be used? I have been trying to find the ITIL V3 Capability Stream book for Operational Support And Analysis (OSA) however have been unsuccessful so far
    Any Idea where I could download a copy of this?
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