Am I doing too much?

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Over the past year, I have been interested in Voice. I wanted to attempt it before Feb 28th but I didn't want to rush through it and retain nothing. Now, having to deal with the way Cisco release material, I am thinking about taking a different route. We have old voice material at work so I am planning on using those books to learn voice while building up the lab on the weekend. I am going to read (in this order)

*I think we are getting ICOMM at work and I will take the exam
*Configuring CUCM and CUC 1st ed
*QoS exam guide
*Voice Gateway and Gatekeepers
*CME SRND and Admin Guide
*UCCX SRND and Scripting Guide
*I didn't see anything in the cabinet for CUPS so I will search white papers
*Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony

I am honestly just focusing on my CCNA Voice but I want to learn more (without particularly taking an exam) Am I doing too much?
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    Hi jahsoul

    If you are currently focusing on getting your CCNA voice I would advise you not to get to much bogged down in rest of the voice curriculum. Start with the CCNA Voice books (Study guides) and use the following as a expansion on it CVOICE 6 or 8 , QoS and A good old favorite Gateway and Gate keeper. You will see most of these deals with the IOS CLI and not so much with the GUI or CUCM interface. The CUCM GUI will be mainly covered in the CIPT 1 and CIPT 2 books.

    Hope this helps
  • jahsouljahsoul The Undeniable!!! Member Posts: 453
    Because my job is looking for people to take specialization exams, I'm reading

    -CVOICE 8 exam guide
    -UCCX SRND and Scripting Guide
    -I need to find something for CRM....anybody have any
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    The UCCX scripting guide alone will keep you occupied for a loooong time lol. I'm in the beginning stages for my CCNP: Voice and the CUCM 8x SRND is keeping me plenty occupied for the next few months being over 1300 pages long. the SRND for UCCX 8x is only 128 pages or so
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    I started my CCNP Voice journey back on January 2011 and I am preparing for my last test CAPPS.

    I can only comment from my own experience that is absolutely necessary to setup a lab to really learn.

    Most of the books are now available for the new CCNP Voice certification, check out safaribooks.

    I recommend Kevin Wallace site 1examamonth and his latest book for CVOICE test is all you need for that course, excellent book.
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    Your preparation may be a bit much. I took the CVOICE 6.0 exam before the Feb 28th deadline this year and I recall it was mostly theory and IOS related concepts. I would recommend reading Gateways and Gatekeepers and the new CVOICE book. I believe with those two books you'll be fine.
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    Hell ya :) I was working on CCNA Security as I love security and an instructor friend walked into my office and handed me the new 640-461 Official Cert Guide by Jeremy C on Tuesday...I thought I wanted to make phones ring at one time but right now I'll take the silence :)
    But really...this new book covers it pretty good. ISBN(13):9781587204173. Now if Jeremy can get the CBT Nuggets out for it !
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