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I got my first IT interview with the State of Tennessee as a desktop support tech. I've never worked in IT before so I think this would be a good start for me.

What I'm wondering is does anyone knows what kind of questions I can expect? I've had a lot of non IT job interviews so I think I know what they might ask for that but not the IT relative ones.

My interviewer told me there would be a total of 4 people interviewing me at once. icon_cry.gif

Thanks in advance for the help.


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    After some basic questions you'd get at most interviews, probably a few related to scenarios and how you would solve them. What kind of practical experience do you have? How do you deal with people? Can you teach a moron how to right click? Seriously, a State department job interview will be very thorough more than likely. Just be confident. If you seem nervous, that may affect how they grade you. Also, if you don't know the answer, don't make one up. They probably know the answer to any technical question they'll ask. Other than that, be honest, relax, and don't forget to follow up. Be sure to send a letter thanking them for the interview also. Good luck!
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  • shadown7shadown7 Senior Member Member Posts: 529

    I have around 5 years of PC repair experience. Mostly friends and family and my home network. I've worked with networks for a couple years and I really enjoy working on Cisco routers. I worked at Dell for a year as a sales rep and I enjoyed talking to the different people on the phone. I'm sure I can do this job.

    Thanks again!
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