the best way to break a wep encrypted wifi connection

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step by step - recently neighbor hood kid hacked next door neighboors wifi with wep turned on . was intrsted in how he theoreticaly could have done this
128 bit upercase letters numbers and sybols .im guessing its due to a bug in the firm ware and was a script kiddie type attack i got payed to re set it up all her computers as the kid trojaned them all and deleted most of the key windows xp files . im also intrested in the best study methods for ceh the books a tad thin on usablity any ideas on this topic feel free to drop me a note... securing the systems are easy its keeping them up to date 24/7 from o day exploits is a whole ball of !!! laters..


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    It's actually a flaw in the encryption algorithm used by WEP. Every 10000 packets or so, WEP generates a weakly encrypted packet. Collect enough of these and you can guess the WEP key pretty quickly. Programs like AirSnort will do this all for you. So chances are that neighbor kid camped out in the backyard with a laptop gathering packets. And chances are that he is going to do it again unless neighbor does something drastic like change WEP keys every week or reduce the power on the access point.

    On another note, if you know it was the neighbor kid, why not prosecute them?
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    Probably because knowing and having/collecting enough evidence to prove it are two different things. These cases are difficult to take to trial. I just took my first one for a client (however it was easier, because the criminal was an internal employee)
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    There are so many progs available that it is certainly not difficult for some punk to get one and wreck havoc. There is also however the possibility that one of your neighbours kids was practicing to be a hacker and screwed up his own system .... wouldn't be the first and wont be the last icon_lol.gif
    I would suggest thougth, that if you are setting up their system that you also disable SSID and set up unique identifiers for the users. The more you do to lock it down the more difficult it is for some kid to play with it.
    I also suggest turning off PnP on the router and running a full trojan scan on your clients machines.
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    was the WEP static or dynamic?
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    Simple solution. Kick the retards ass.
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    This is one reason why I hate Linksys. In order to bridge AP's you have to use WEP, WPA isn't an option (unless they've changed it in an available update). I had to turn tune my AP's down to the point where if you set foot outside the house, you're not getting a connection.
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