how to get usable wifi covarage in a car

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tips thoughts to make this work using open hot spots

what kind of car mounted db would i need for lets say a suburb

theroticaly of course


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    I have used a small antenna on the roof of my Honda with a 5 db gain. With a good connection you could probably use open access points but only in a diameter of ~50m.

    There are small antennas available with up to 7 db gain which might increase the diameter further but I haven't tried this.
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    Just invested in a PDA with wifi sniffer, pretty good. Can't believe how many unsecure networks there are.........from a security stand point of course!!!. Wifi coverage in the could use traditional way of the(old pringle cans, wifi card and laptop!!)........Most hotspots make you sign up for them, but some are free and theres always a way to get round them. Depends how much you want to invest.

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