is cool resource, BUT...

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...How do I know how they got to the answer when trying to work the problems? - Free Subnetting Questions and Answers Randomly Generated Online

I'm getting better at figuring out how many subnets/hosts, which subnet a host belongs to and valid ip addresses in a subnet, along with the network address and the broadcast address. BUT, like I said there are some problems I can't figure out and not sure how they got the answer.

Can anyone recommend a way to double check the answers?

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    You could always double-check yourself with a subnet calculator. There are times I'm 100% I got the right answer on something and a book, video, or website is wrong. . . then I double-check with a calculator and find out that I'm way off. I believe there are several online versions, as well as ones form SolarWinds and other companies as well, depending on your preferences.

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