Difficulty of OCG practice exam

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So I took the Boson practice exam for Route from the back of the OCG. I haven't used the OCG much (finding the FLG better for the most part). I did not pass (I didn't entirely expect to), but I wanted to get an idea of where I was before I entered the 'review' phase of studying - spending the next couple weeks going back through everything.

Anways, that's not the point -- my question is the difficulty of that practice exam a decent indicator of the real exam (similar to how they were for the ICND1 / ICND2 exams), or is it a whole different game at this point? I mean my 760 score was pretty decent, considering a couple of the questions I had to guess at (I still have some of the FLG's IPV6 chapter left), and a few where I just did the math wrong (300/4 = 100!), but I don't know if I should feel I'm nearly ready or not read anything into it at all.
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