Proctor Agreement Change

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For those of you who might be interested in proctoring an ISC(2) exam, I received the following information from them yesterday:

"*IMPORTANT CHANGE TO OUR AGREEMENT: If you have taken an (ISC)2 paper exam within the 6 months preceding the “exam date needing proctors”, you are not eligible to volunteer. For a period of 6 months prior and 1 year after proctoring one may not, instruct, advise, direct, or assist in the preparation of any seminar, study group, training class, or training material that prepares others to sit for any (ISC)2 examination. This also includes a 6-month-prior and 1-year-after-proctoring ban against sitting for a paper based (ISC)2 exam. CBT exams are excluded from the sitting for exam restrictions. In order to properly protect the (ISC)² certification process and assure compliance with our ANSI/ISO 17024 accreditation, we must implement a policy that may limit your participation for a brief time. "

So it sounds like if you have taken an exam 6 months or less after you have taken an ISC(2) paper exam, you are no longer eligible to proctor an exam. It also looks like 6 months prior to your proctor date and 1 year after you can't instruct, help or advise anyone preparing for an ISC(2) paper exam (I guess that would also mean giving advice/answering questions on forums such as this?) It also looks like 1 year after your proctor date you cannot take a paper ISC(2) exam.
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