Passed Network+ today and just want to comment on it.

goldenbuddhagoldenbuddha Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
Its a lot harder than A+, IMO the difficulty difference is more than 2:1. But it wasn't all that hard if silly little me can pass with 800+, and trust me, I just KNEW I got more than a couple wrong. Everyone can do it. My method was using 2 books

Mike Myers Network+ Certification (The big book, read thru twice)
Mike Myers Network+ Passport (The little book, read thru twice, good for quick reference on the cursed OSI 7 layer HELL and corresponding Protocols and Hardware) icon_lol.gif

Also do as many of the online tests you can find, they are all (mostly) different, and as such, will test you on a wider spectrum of possibilities. I used the tests here, as well as the ones I found here
as well as various other random sites.

Now I am thinking, hey I can do this.. maybe I will take more hehehe. Have always been interested in E-Commerce, maybe I will take the MCP+SB or just take the MCSA track. how fun =)


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