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So! Going for Switch tomorrow afternoon. Round 3! This is the first cert I have had to pay for out of pocket in 3 years. So I am worried about passing. Previously my job paid for the certs themselves. I've never failed a cert 3 times, so I think statistics are on my side one way or another.

I am not finding this exam so much "hard" but esoteric in combination with poorly worded questions. A lot of material on the exam, that isn't in the books. I'd like to think I am completely covered at this point I have read in great detail over the last 2 years everything switching Cisco has to offer up to the CCIE level and have years of experience with their base models (no Nexus, 6500 or CatOS experience)

I'll let you know how it goes!


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    Good luck mate!
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    Good luck with the exam !

    If you have taken it before you should be familiar with the question wording so hopefully that will go in your favour. What materials did you use for study ?

    ps. I take it you meant 642-813
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    It was a pass today, close! But a pass. The NDR prevents me from sharing my score, but VERY close. A VERY different test from what I took last time

    1)Several questions were clearly not written natively in English. Their wording was like watching Anime.
    2) I correctly deployed a sim, I am 100% sure. But it failed. traceroutes worked. PINGS DID NOT! After 10 minutes of troubleshooting, I KNOW it was a glitch in the sim. So I sat for a couple minutes and thought through another way of implementing it, and it worked. HUGE time suck
    3) I had 10 minutes left on the exam and was on near the last questions and through I was doing good, then a HUGE sim popped up. nearly ran out of time
    4) Review your 6500 series switch stuff
    5) review your wireless

    Resources Used -
    Attended the CCNP Academy
    Video Mentor
    CBT Nuggets for Switch
    CBT Nuggets for QoS
    CCNA Voice Cert Guide
    CCNA Wireless cert Guide
    LAN Switch security guide
    CCIE LAN Switching manual
    Network warrior
    Switch Foundations Guide
    Switch Cert guide
    Switch Lab Guide

    Experience -
    About 2-3 years deploying Cisco switches
    Did about 100 hours in my own labs
    3rd time taking this exam

    Equipment -
    3 x 3550
    2 x 2950
    4 x 2924
    2 x hubs
    3 x 2621xm with CME
    A couple PCs
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    Congrats !!!!

    You said it was a very different exam than previous ones, was it an improvement (passing aside) ?

    Looking at that list of resources is very off-putting icon_sad.gif

    Now relax and have a beer (or 12) !!!
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    Congrats man. I knew you weren't going to toss the CCNP to the wayside lol. I don't have this one lined up for a little while but I hope your advice helps me over the next few months.
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    Looking at that list of resources is very off-putting icon_sad.gif

    I wouldn't worry about that list of resource. Personally, I think it's a bit of an overkill to use the CCNA Voice/Wireless, and CBT Nuggets QoS to prepare for the CCNP SWITCH. I found CBT Nuggets, OGC, and FLG to be sufficient in preparing you for the exam, as well as anything related to switching
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