Whats the difference between

rob1234rob1234 Banned Posts: 151
Secuirty kernel and refence monitor??

I have read the defitions of them in books but they seem to do the same thing, in the exam how would i know which does what?


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    Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    I agree that the differences between the 2 are confusing, I have trouble with it myself. I find that it's best to try to explain the concepts. This way a discussion can occur where people can either verify your explanation or help you understand where your explanation is flawed.

    So, I'll give it a try. The way I understand the 2: The Security Kernel is the actual hardware, Software or firmware the implements access control and it utilizes the concepts of a reference monitor. The word "concept" to me is important because it looks like it defines the reference monitor as more of a set of rules that a security kernel must enforce. So, the reference monitor is really more a conceptual item where as the Security Kernel is more tangible .

    Please, someone correct anything I've said if it's incorrect.
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    rob1234rob1234 Banned Posts: 151
    Thanks that has made it more clearer.
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