CEH v.7 Boot Camp and test Oct 17-21

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What's up peeps? First and foremost I am new to these boards, so hey! ;)

Anywho, I will be taking the CEH course for a week and testing afterwards here at New Horizons in San Antonio, TX.
Then next month doing the same for CISSP. So wish me luck!

I stumbled upon this site by googling the keyword "CEH application fee".
What a bummer! lol. The Air Force will pay for everything up until the test, so let's hope I can get that also.

OK, week of class, I will post my experience and thoughts day by day in hope to give others a feel for it. To deem if it's worthy.
I've been to a boot camp for Sec+ and it was pretty helpful, so I'm hoping same goes for this one.

In the mean time, any helpful info for those who have passed or have experience would be greatly appreciated.A finger in the right direction is all I need, lol.
Thanks peeps!
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