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Does anyone have any experience creating wiring schematics with Visio 2007? I asked if we had some electrical blueprints or wiring schematics for the building I work in and the freshest electrical diagram is from 1991; the building has had physical alterations and serious electrical and networking work done since then. I was able to use the blueprints to create a scale blueprint of the building with walls and doors only.
I'd like to have wiring schematics and network schematics for the whole building that are accurate. The electrical shapes packaged with visio seemed limited. So any tips or advice for this project would be really appreciated. Thanks!


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    No one? I can't be the only un-lucky one to work somewhere with no electrical or physical network documentation. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Download a trial of Smartdraw and check its symbol library. It normally comes with a larger selection of symbols where Visio relies more on third party support for extra libraries. Smartdraw includes the NECA set standard while I use Visio for Cisco and flowcharting I found Smartdraw easier to use when I had to do wiring stuff. Google it and I think you can get a thirty day trial, that will import your Visio work unless they disabled it in the trial version.
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  • joehalford01joehalford01 Member Posts: 364
    Awesome, thanks! I'll check it out.
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