Should I do an internship? Full time to Intern?

I might go from full time to internship to get the skills I need (12 months duration). I have a small fear of being unemployed after the 12 months internship if they decide to end it there. What do you think? Anyone finish their 12 months and end up working full time?

Technical Support Analyst (Current position)
Quality Assurance Analyst (Dream job)

As you can see above, it's not easy to link from technical support to QA Analyst. In between those two jobs I need something in between to bridge that gap. Should I do the intern to bridge it? or keep apply for jobs until i land QA analyst?



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    grauwulfgrauwulf Member Posts: 94 ■■□□□□□□□□
    the whole point of an internship program is to build experience. if that also opens a path to full time employment even better, but if nothing else you can make a little scratch and build your resume.

    best of luck
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    HeeroHeero Member Posts: 486
    Internships generally are best for gaining experience. Companies like them because it offers cheaper labor and they get to evaluate whether or not they would like to hire the person at the end of the internship.

    Honestly, I'd take the internship if its your dream job. This is assuming pay is similar to what you currently make. I did my internship during college which is different, but it was an amazing way to get into the field.
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