Route final prep and exam on October 7th, 2011

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Hey guys...i'm finally close to taking the ROUTE exam after months of on and off studying. I've read the FLG and OCG from cover to cover and labbed all of the items in the blueprint a couple times. My biggest challenge now is focusing on some of the topics that I studied a few months ago (IPv6, Branch Office connectivity and a few other things) and labbing them up again so the commands and underlying concepts are fresh in my head. With just under two weeks to go, my plan is to do all the gns3vault applicable labs one more time this week and work through all the questions in BOSON's EX SIM Max for ROUTE (i've already done about half of them piecemeal).

Anybody have any helpful final prep tips or topics to brush up on? (I've been doing a little subnetting practice just to get my speed back) Also, did anyone find the memory tables in the OCG helpful to complete before the exam?
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    Hi Guardsman,
    I'm on the same boat; my test is scheduled for the Oct 14th and my studies consist of the CBT Nuggets, TSHOOT videos, FLG and OCG, and BOSON Learning tool. So getting closer to the date, i have done ROUTE Quick Reference, Labs, and a quick overview, a scan of the highlighted topics, of the FLG.

    Good Luck, keep focus, and i hope to hear on your passing score -

    Note: funny, i have taken an assessment about my subnetting skills - an useful link !
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    Haven't heard of using the TSHOOT materials to study for ROUTE but I guess that makes sense. Did someone pass that along or is that something you added to your study routine? Good uck on your test as well. Even after going through the material twice I'm still a bit nervous and want to really hammer the BOSON practice questions. I try to study questions i've seen beofre by figuring out which answers have to be wrong in order to not get used to seeing an answer and subconsciously picking it.
    Cisco was my first networking love, but my "other" router is a Mikrotik...
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    I decided to add it to my study to make lead way on my TSHOOT Test and review the ROUTE Protocols. Actually, i was thinking about scheduling my TSHOOT test right after ROUTE and complete the CCNP Certification. I mean if you truly studied, learned the concepts, and executed the labs in both ROUTE and SWITCH, then IMHO TSHOOT should not be a major obstacle.

    TSHOOT video series by Kevin Wallace are available from the site.
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    Good luck with your final studying!! I hope to test in October, it's just a matter of feeling ready or not. The worst feeling is coming back to a topic that you haven't hit in a while, and that you thought you had down, and you don't feel sharp on it. I'm going on my second run through all the material and the material is sticking more and more.. just gotta stay at it.

    I'm in college and the fall quarter started last week so now I have WAY too much on my plate. I'm in a Microsoft Server class (70-643) so that's cool, but the other two classes are non-tech related. The summer was so nice, I was just reading and labbing for ROUTE!! And now I got these classes in the way lol, but I guess it's all for the better.
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    Good luck with your exam mate. im hoping to take mine by the end of october. just dont feel ready for it at all :s. i think its cos ive heard all the stories and arent really knowing what to expect on the exam which makes it that bit nervy for me! theres only one way to find out though :D
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