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Here is some background information. I am finishing my B.S. and currently hold some certificates. I saved up some money and for the last 3 years I haven’t worked. I did this so I could concentrate on my degree and certificates. Over the past 3 years I would help people with computer problems ranging from installing and troubleshooting hardware, OSs and virus removal. I was paid for these jobs and by word of mouth I would get calls from people looking for help. Beside these side jobs I have no experience in IT.

Now just recently I have been pushing to try and get into IT. I have been applying for help desk positions and anything that can get me into IT. I talked to a recruiter the other day and she said my resume looks good. Education and certificates are excellent, but the only problem is experience. Her advice was to use these side jobs as work experience under the heading of consultant.

Does this sound like a good idea? I first helped friends and family and then they would recommend me to people they know and so on. I did not have a company name or anything. So I was wondering how I would title this on my resume. Something like IT Consultant or maybe Home User Consultant. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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