Having difficulties understanding Boson's practice test answers

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I'm using the Boson test that came with the book and even after rereading the explanation multiple times, I still don't get it. I will reread the chapter related to the question but I need someone to explain the answer.

Is it ok for me to post questions from the Boson test here?


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    You can't post copyrighted material on here but you can change the content and perhaps paraphrase some and it may be ok. Some of the Boson explanations weren't really very clear to me either at times. A lot has to do with how far you are in your studies as sometimes the questions seem to combine material from different sections of the chapter (or the book). If this has to do with the ICND1 Boson tests then I understand your dilemma as a lot of that practice tests questions went way over my head until I looked up some of the stuff in different sources.
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  • SurferdudeHBSurferdudeHB Member Posts: 199 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Yes it's the ICDN1.
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    One of the things that make the Boson exams written by Boson (ex-sim max) better than the ones that come with the cisco press books is the quality of the explanations and the fact that the Boson explanations include links to explanations at the cisco site.
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