RIPrep image problem

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Hi there, i was doing a practice exam for 70-270 from Measureup the other day and i came across a question about RIPrep that has totally thrown me. I thought i had the whole process worked out but now im not so sure.

This is the question :
Charles has been using RIS and the RIPrep wizard to install XP Pro on all new workstations on his network. A new Service Pack has recently been released by Microsoft and he wants to update his new image. He installs the new Service Pack on his XP based reference computer.

What is the next step Charles must take?

- Run sysprep.exe.

- Slipstream this service pack to the CD based image on the RIS server.

- Run RIPrep.exe.

- Use Xcopy to copy all the files to the RIS server.

The answer is :

Slipstream this service pack to the CD based image on the RIS server.


RIS requires you maintain a CD based image (an image setup using risetup) for each version of the RIPrep images that you maintain on the server. To maintain the correct version, you must slipstream the Service Pack into the CD based image on the RIS server. If you do not update the CD-based image to match the workstation image you can not create an image on the RIS server.

RIPrep.exe cannot be run until the Windows XP pro CD-ROM image version matches the Windows XP version on the source workstation.

Is this correct?

Ive been using Exam Cram 2 and the Dave Field Installing configuring and administering Microsoft books (and i checked Technet) and none of them says anything about having to maintain a matching CD-based image on the RIS server if you are using planning to create a RIPrep image.

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