Questiong concerning jobs and salary expectation

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First thread posted and not sure if this is the right section for these question.

I'm about to graduate in the Fall of 2011; be getting my bachelor degree in Management information system (MIS). what kind of salary and job can I get with a MIS degree along with CompTia A+, Network+ and Security+. My work experience had been a Assistance Manager in sale department for 7 year and currently I landed an Intern in the IT area dealing with server and learning about Active Directory. How much can I expect the salary or the job i can land with my credential. Any input would be helpful and thank you.


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    DevilryDevilry Member Posts: 668
    Anywhere from $20k to $150k.

    Its a broad question, and all depends on your experience, skills, personal skills with interviewing, region, list goes on..
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    Also, there's no guarantee that you'll find a job right away. You may even have to start at the help desk level just to get your foot in the IT door.
    NEXT UP: CompTIA Security+ :study:

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    Well I graduated last year with a BS. It took me 3 months to get a job as a desktop support. Now I'm supporting a branch site by myself making roughly 40k. Hope that gives you an idea.
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    Thank you for all the response and helpful information on general idea. I didn't realize MIS with 3 certificate be making that little when starting out, was hoping in the 56k and up base on salary.com. I guess I'm expecting unrealistic figure; sight... And if all else fail, go for the MBA while working part time to gain more experience.
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