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Back in June I attended an ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate course. 3 days. Did the exam at the end and passed, job done, happy days.

A few weeks after that, I was asked to nominate a trainer for "trainer of the year". So I thought, why not, I'll nominate him - it was a good course and I did pass the exam at the end, so he must be doing something right. Apparently, if the chap had gotten through to the final, then he, and his nominee, would attend a Gala Dinner in London.

I've had an e-mail this morning to say that he's only got through to the final and I'll be attending dinner with him.

So yeah, I'm still reading through the e-mail, and at the very end it says "If there is a space, then I am thinking of inviting our new MD as well".

Our MD is relatively new and he's making big noises in our company at the moment to try and improve our services etc.

On one hand, cool, invite to a dinner is rather nice

On the other, I'm a bit nervous and part of me wonders.. "What have I done?"
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