Passed CCENT today !

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Just passed the CCENT today, I've been studying on and off for a couple of years. Finally got my act together and took the exam.
Took the exam at East ham College Campus on the Wirrel - UK
Was my first Cisco exam so was pretty nervous, I had 30 mins to spare on the last question which was a sim of 4 questions. After answering the first part I stupidly clicked on 'next' instead of question 2.

BANG - end of exam, luckly I passed with a score of 850.

In fairness I did rush through some questions as one eye was always on the clock and I didnt want to run out of time, next time I'll just relax a bit more and read the questions through properly.

What happens next, do I get a certificate through the post ?

I'll have a week off then start on ICND 2.....

Kind regards



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    CONGRATZ damien2008!!!!icon_thumright.gif
    NEXT UP: CompTIA Security+ :study:

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