New to CWNA - time to prep?

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Hey Gang!

I'm new to the CWNA and have not done anything with wireless configs - I'm still using the old method of networking :)

If I were to shell out the $ for the 3rd edition book and give myself ample time to prepare ( 4-6 weeks? ) what are my chances of passing the CWNA exam?


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    If you also get the official practice questions to go with the book, 4-6 weeks is doable. But it all depends on how much time you can spend on it daily, and of course it differs per person. I found the CWNA guide to be a 'fast-read'.
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    It's not just about memorizing facts and figures. It's also about understanding the concepts and applying them to open-ended questions. Half of the questions may be simple (e.g., "Prior to 8/31/2000, the FCC required that a 2.4GHz FHSS system must use at least how many carrier frequencies before repeating the hopping pattern?"). But the other half of the questions will be complex, such as:

    According to the 802.11 standard, WEP must have which of the following characteristics?

    A. Optional
    B. Customizable
    C. Exportable
    D. Unbreakable
    E. Interoperable
    F. Strong

    The study guide will not always present information the way you will encounter it on the test. For example:

    Which of the following is NOT an 802.11 interframe spacing?

    A. DIFS
    B. PIFS
    C. FIFS
    D. SIFS
    E. EIFS
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