Does CCNA-V provide a good general IPT background?

Can anyone confirm whether CCNA-V provides a good base of general IPT knowledge applicable to non-Cisco IPT?

I'll be involved with a big IPT migration next year (Nortel TDM to Avaya IPT) and was wondering how useful knowledge gained in study for CCNA-V and even CVOICE might be to this project. BTW, I won't be doing actual configurations, but I should have good familiarity with all the concepts and system components.
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    SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    I took my CCNA Voice in July of 2010, so I am not sure of any changes that they may have made, but I would say it was about 50-50 at the time.

    The first half of the material ranged from basic telephony to T1s to the theory behind VoIP. The second half of the material was how to set up CME, Unity Express and the UC-520 (SBCS). Some of the setup of the Cisco VoIP systems would carry over to Nortel and Avaya (loading firmware and configurations from a tftp server, dhcp, etc...), but some would not (specific programming commands).

    I hope this helps a little.
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    Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
    The new CCNA Voice exam is VERY centered on just getting a help desk level guy useful on Cisco VOIP systems. Certainly concepts. But might be too Cisco specific to help you.

    Utlimately it couldn't hurt. But you might just be better off getting yourself some more neutral books and forgoing the cert.
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