SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert (SWSE)

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Just came across this but didn't really look much into it. Apparently if you sign-up, you get lifetime access.
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    Further pollution of the certification space. I think they can never obtain the respect that OSWP has gained. Gosh....everyone wants a piece of the action.
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    I think this guy is working in a different way and it is growing very fast. A few month ago I did not know anything about this guy until in EH they begin to talk about the

    1. He begin to show a lot of information for free, so you become very familiar with him.
    2. You know what are you going in to.
    3. The information is updated
    4. The exam is performance base, he answered about 4 access point and 2 or 3 users (something like that)

    So you get the knowledge first, after that you decide for the exam. So the result is going to begin to show up. The OSWP had some years and this company has only one week with the certification, a lot of people is talking about it. Competition is great, better price and quality.
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    I didn't know OWSP was highly respected (and I am not taking a jab at the cert, I have just never seen it requested for). That said, I will pick up this guys book (it will be good info to read while I do CWNA/CWSP next year) but I am not doing the test.
  • FalasiFalasi Member Posts: 115
    I've done the exam 2 days ago , and the contents are actually more then OSWP ones (less straight forward) , the exam slightly tougher , less time for actual hacking , some pcap analysis then 6h of answering. I'm waiting for my results as I've only done the pcap one (they had some connectivity issues with ISP thus the hacking part was canceled for me).

    you need though to make your own notes for this course , on OSWP they've done a real good job making it easier to summarize each attack rather then spam you with information. I still have OSWP slides to use if I forget something. the same thing cant be said about SWSE. I had to search online while doing the exam on how to generate one part to help me analyze the pcap file (to be fair; the same thing was there in their mock test in which I ignored due to being busy).

    Its a good course however , at least for the sake of getting knowledge.

    Edit: passed btw , once they send me the cert I'll post a picture , its not ganna match how awesome OSWP looks but lets wait and see~

    Edit: Final update... idk but I dont like how the certificate look , it feels like an attendance certificate comparing to OSWP (the ones that you get for attending soft skills courses like Time Management and such).

    kinda disappointed XD dont feel like doing metasploit course now =/ rather save up for OSCP.
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