Best Sample exams ??

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I am almost done reading TCAT PDF Guide, practise exams and online stuff and just about to buy sample exam for Sec+ but not sure which one is closer to real thing. Which one is good for this exam and learnin topics.

Your valuble feedback is appreciated.


    Personally I like Transcender. Have a good hunt about...there are some good ones out there!!

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    I didn't try Transcender but GBAGirl2 has always had good advice, so they would be worth looking at.

    I didn't buy Prep Logic because I thought they were very expensive and the practice test advertised too agressively for my liking, but I had a sample 100 question test (from prep logic) that came with the Exam Cram 2 book, and they had the best explanations of the right and wrong answers of any of the practice tests I took. The Exam Cram 2 '500 practice questions' book came with an engine called Measure Up and 500 questions but the explanations weren't very good. They only repeated the question as an explanation.

    I bought practice questions from Vista Net because they were cheaper. I did this when I thought all practice tests were the same (awfully naive - just starting out). The engine was good for me because it was customizable by the broad groups of the exam requirements (some are customizable by the narrow groups). It explained the correct answer very well, but not the wrong answers.

    I like the practice questions that say " It's not A because ....." "It's not B because ....." "It's C because ......." "It's not D because ....."

    I was shocked there were so many companies selling practice questions. Who knew? (rhetorical question)
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    I do not have to worry about money since boss will pay for it but just do not want to get wrong one and too many of them to confuse myself.
    I would like to buy one and practise vere well before the real thing.
    thank you for your feedback.
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    #Over 510 unique questions!
    #The exams mirror the newest objectives published by COMPTIA.
    #Explanations are included for every question!

    and more... check out the site... I can recommend them, I used them for Network+ and it was bang on... and at $19.95 they're cheap to boot...

    Hey Webmaster - I wonder if you were to approach them if they would be interested in giving a kickback to
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    Sorry to bother everyone but what would you pick for sample exams out of these one: Transcender, Preplogic, Mesureup or Boson.

    thank you.
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    I can recommend the Transcender exams as well. Transcender was very helpful when I took my A+ exam. Hope this helps
    definately 'Transcender'. I also liked Preplogic too!

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    I like Transcender, PrepLogic is okay too.
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