WSUS not working :(

My senior SA left me with an open project which was getting WSUS back to function again. So after performing a lot of troubleshooting and also using WSUS health check I just cannot figure out how to get rid of these following event ID errors.

Event ID: 13042 - Self-update is not working
Event ID: 12002 - The Reporting Web Service is not working
Event ID: 12032 - The server synchronization Web Service is not working
Event ID: 12022 - The Client Web Service is not working
Event ID: 12042 - The SimpleAuth Web Service is not working
Event ID: 12052 - The DSS Authentication Web Service is not working
Event ID: 3083 - The protocol handler Search MapiHandler 1 cannot be loaded. Error description class no registered.

I've got documentation on each event ID but so far no luck on either of them. The documentation is basically printed out details of each event ID. Has anyone gone through this before? I've checked the following basics:

permissions are fine.
Ports are fine.

I then went on IIS and did a local browse of the default website (right click and click browse) and I ge the following error:

"HTTP 401.1 Unauthorized due to invalid credentials"

once I saw this I thought that my local account was incorrect. So I reset the password of that (btw Enable anonymous access is enabled too).

Just hitting a brick wall with this over and over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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