My interview is tomorrow.

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well I am already filling out the application. I guess they really like my resume. The Human Resource recruiter told me in a week she will schedule an interview and then she replied back that if I was available tomorrow.

Got any good sites of Interview questions?? I am praticing as I speak or post.

It is a little IT job offering like $32,000 supporting for some Phone guys that help employees over the phone with their computer problems. It is. kind of depressing cause of going through a masters and Certifications of A+, N+, and MCSA, so I was aiming at $45,000. Those jobs havent gotten back to me with the $45,000 and up range.

I am taking it though if they accept me, I have to start.

Can you guys give me some examples of Mainframe applications and also Client Server applications??
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    With the experience you'll gain from this position, it will look good on your new resume, and those 45k and UP jobs will come calling soon enough. Good Luck!
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    We all have to start at the bottom.

    All of your work will pay off eventually, don't worry.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Oracle, SQL, Crystal Reports are applications that can be created & geared toward mainframe & client/server apps. It really depends what business the clients are in.
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    thanks guys and thanks garv221. that could be an interview questions lol

    Im off
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    32K not bad for no experience. I have lots of experience and no mcsa credential and they dont even want to pay me 45k, but im sitting 218 today so hopefully I get the paper and earn above 45K.
    What next?
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    Don't sweat it. I have the same certs you do, although I only had MCP, and MCSA when I got my job and I make about the same. Pay is based on market and experience. With a couple of years of solid experience you should be able to land a better paying job if there available in your area. Plus it'll give you time to get more certs making yourself even more attractive to those better paying jobs.
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    BTW: Good luck with the interview :D
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    Good luck! Let up know how you do!
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    well Im back! Now I got a few questions. It was with the bank SunTrust which is growing really fast. The position was about helping employees about their Application problems pratically. Now my problem was all my experience was hands on and not by phone, well 95% of it anyway. I only solve like 3 calls over the phone. So this was my huge setback that i need to conquer cause there were like 4 other people competiting for 2 open positions.

    now the Human resource lady told me that the employer was going to interview me after seeing her. The employer was a woman

    Now the interview started off great but I kind of studder afterwards cause she wanted to recall quite a bit of information a few years ago. Overall though i extended my answer to her questions with past examples of handling customers and their anger, what are the first steps to finding a solution for a user problem, etc.

    It went great at that point but then she said two top supervisors were going to interview me. Now this was news to me, the Human Resource woman didnt tell me about this. So I was caught off guard that the interveiw was going to continue. These two top supervisors were also women. I didnt know there were alot of women in the Technology field. Such high company for a job that only pays $30,000 a year. Is this good that the top Supervisors came to see me/????

    The ladies just started going after my resume. They were asking me almost the same questions like the past interview. When they started doing this, I new that I had to answer the same questions from before differently! That is what I tried to do and only half succeed. I couldnt budge much cause I dont have much Phone experience. I did answer questions about SunTrust and where do I see myself in 5 years. I think everyone get those. I did good but not Excellent.

    If the other 4 candidates have Phone experience and they do good as me then Im screw!

    They started talking to me about other opportunities that SunTrust offers, with my Masters and Certifications that I will fit more nicely with. I kind of took that as a sign that I might not get the job. They said it though

    Oh well, Im off to write my Thank You letter! They said they will let me know in a week.
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    What direction are you trying to go in. I ask this because when I decided that I wanted to get into the IT field I looked at both Universities and Technical Schools. I decided that I wanted to be more focused on the Networking Administration part, rather than the Programming part. It looked like the Technical schools are more geared to get yourself Certified and into Networking so I decided to get into that. The Universities seemed more directed towards Programmers. The Programmers I know make tons of money. You got a masters, what kind of program was it? Anyway good luck in your interview. Just goes to show you that to become a network admin, you can have a phd in computer science, but if you don't have certificates and hands on experience than that phd is not going to help you. This is very much a hands on discipline.
  • x_Danny_xx_Danny_x Senior Member Member Posts: 312 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Network Administrative/System Administrator part to begin with. Then later on the road I will get the CCIE in concentration of Security! I might changed it to the concentration of Router & Switching.

    It will depend when I get my CCNA. It will decide for sure which direction I will take for the CCIE.

    the programming was mostly C++ heavily. They will teach you Java here and there and 1 Networking course.

    Also um say buddy, how much money does your programming friends make? Do programmers make more than System/Network Administrators??

    Once I get my CCIE i will beg to differ though icon_lol.gif
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    I am not sure if this helps, but the average starting salary for our computer science majors (undergraduate degree) is $75,000. I think it also depends on the college you go to. Our college was rated 2nd in the nation for the most homework given, so you do have to work for it. I knew some people during the dot com phase that were coming out of my college starting in the six figures. I am pretty sure that the average is lower than the starting salary of our graduates, so I am not sure if this would help you.
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    Well, I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Oregon, and my first job out of college is a 35k a year: Tech Support, Web Development, and Application programming in Java, hence I'm trying to become SCJP. The thing is, experience is what almost every employer is wanting. Every programming job I see available that pays the $75k mentioned above is for experienced programmers with like 3-6 years in a particular language.

    In fact, someone I graduated with at college is doing IT Help Desk for 40k a year and NONE of it is about what he learned in college. Anyways, the point is, everyone needs to start at the bottom and work their way up unless you get really lucky by knowing the right people at the right time. With that said.... Hope you get the job! :D
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    I agree with what you are saying about experience, I was just stating that even though your friend might make 40,000 a year does not mean that our starting salary is not higher. Luckily, most of our students, by the time they graduate, do have about 2-3 years of experience when they get out of college. The reason being that our college has an excellent co-op program with some of our top employers being Intel, IBM, and NASA. They also give great incentives for students as far as pay. First year students start at the bottom pay bracket with the first year co-op averaging $2717 per month up to an average of $4000 a month during your 3rd co-op. I was not certainly stating that, that is the norm which is why I said that I am not sure if that will help him. Also consider yourself lucky, I am struggling to pay for all my college. I am looking at a total cost of $152,000. So, I am probably going to be playing catch up to you.
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    I guess then being from the 2 college in the nation and having a program that considers you to have 3 years experience with some top companies such as IBM will get you that huge salary.

    The computer programmers that graduated from school started out with $45,000 mostly. There were a few who had $52,000 and a couple who went to IBM who had a GPA of 3.92 started at $54,000.

    Though the norm I have been seeing is around $45,000.
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