Exam Booked for the 18th October ... Not so sure how prepared I am.

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I have a BSc degree in Computer Science but (unfortunately) I got a job as a sales executive after I graduated and got stuck in it for five yearsicon_cry.gif. I was miserable and went ahead to do my MSc in Computer Forensics:D. It was really tough for me as I have had noting to do with computers in the 5years. I have got my MSc. now but it opend my eyes to the fact that I am a dummy where computers are and no sane employer will hire me.

A recruitment agency offered to train me and get me a job ( @ a fee). The training requirements are that I study and obtain A+ and MCITP: Windows Server 2008. That is what I am currently working on. I would have loved a forensic job but I need to start somewhere and this is where I got the chance.

I am currently reading the Don Poulton book, Watching Professor Messers Video and the training materials provided by my training provider. What else do you think I should pass?

I am very good at remembering(memorizing) things and have tried to soak up as much as I can. I use VM to do some practical work and just listen and memorize the procedures for the ones I can not do on my own. My worries is that there are little thing I should know that I dont really know. I have tried to make up for them but....
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