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So I could be completely sleeping here but I'm using Packet Tracer and would love to give the alias exec command a try but it's not recognized in the routers or the switches. I googled and couldn't find any definitive info either. Is this command missing in Packet Tracer or was the command wiped from the IOS?
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    I have found alias exec to be missing as well. The version of Packet Tracer I am using is
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    Not all commands are simulated in packet tracer, alias exec being one of them. If you want to play around with it, I'd suggest using GNS3 since it uses real IOS images. It has the missing commands that packet tracer doesn't support. The only downside is GNS3 has limited switch functionality.
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  • djfunzdjfunz Senior Member Member Posts: 307
    MosGuy wrote: »
    The only downside is GNS3 has limited switch functionality.

    Yeah, I was actually thinking of delving into GNS3 until I found out that little fact. I might mess around with it in the future if I really feel the need for it but I was really hoping for an all inclusive simulation solution until I can afford real equipment. Lack of switch functions and a major need for resources deter me from going the emulation route. Thanks for the info guys.
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    GNS3 is great for routing, but for switching, real lab gear works best. To practice a few commands not supported in PacketTracer, you can always schedule time at Community Lab - Packet Life. Stretch has a really amazing set-up there and it's free.
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