Problems connecting to the internet

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My girlfriends workmate has asked my girlfriend to ask me if i could fix her internet connection.
As yet the details are a bit vague. She just said she cant connect to the internet. Some guy has been out 4 times and said he fixed it, but when the computer is turned off and then turned on again, she cant connect to the internet again.

Has anyone any tips on what the most probable cause might be?
Is there a way of checking to see if her modem is ok, in the same way that you type a cmd promt to check that a network card is working?

Thnaks for your help. :D


  • /usr/usr Member Posts: 1,768
    We have no details whatsoever. icon_wink.gif

    Is she on a LAN? Is she on dialup? Is she on DSL/cable?

    If on a LAN, DSL, Cable, is she getting an IP? Is the internet actually working?
    If on a modem, is she getting a dialtone? Is the modem dialing out and connecting properly? Is the ISP having problems?

    If she is connecting and getting an IP, can she ping any external sites?
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    WAY to many questions to ask.

    Please, get all the details you can and repost...
    A being Darkly Wise and Rudely Great
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