70-298 exam problems! **HELP NEEDED**

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Hi All

I have not been about for a while but I managed another fail on 298 (not giving up and not ashamed). I am now taking the bull by the horns and looking at taking on a speed reading course (non mcse related) to help me read the case studies as I really struggle. Has anyone at all got any other suggestions.

For the exam objectives I am getting high on bars

* Creating the Logical Design for Network Infrastructure Security
* Creating the Physical Design for Network Infrastructure Security
* Designing an Access Control Strategy for Data
* Creating the Physical Design for Client Infrastructure Security

However the top objective is where i contiunally struggle.

** Creating the Conceptual Design for Network Infrastructure Security by Gathering and Analyzing Business and Technical Requirements

I think this is me linked to not reading the case study well enough or fast enought but what do you think. Any suggestions for studying this or improving and any resources on technique at all. i am getting around 650-690 (so not a million miles away)

I am about to have a little holiday but im aiming for a novemeber exam and any help to get there will be great.

failing this exam 4 times is NOT failing but walking away without an MCSE IS!
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