SSG20 and Sipgate

deth1kdeth1k Member Posts: 312
Hi Guys,

Has anyone ever tried setting up sipgate via ssg20 using a Cisco phone? I'm having problems with one way audio. It's working in the outbound direction via firewall but not coming back. I've tried different setups forwarding ports using VIPs (5060, 3478, 5004, 10000) also tried without this configuration by enabling STUN on the phone and disabling ALG SIP.

What's also odd is that it works using my android phone which has STUN enabled by default and that is without any portforwarding/ untrust->trust policies.

Can anyone share their experience with this? Im running this over ADSL with one public IP.

Thank you in advance

(this is a re-post from Juniper forums, though i'd get a quicker response from you guys)
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