Giac g2700??

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I took the GIAC G2700 this weekend and got a 69.33. Yeah it was close. I was up all night with my son who was sick the night before and wife took him to the emergency room in the morning because we thought it was serious. I tried to cancel the test due to an emergency but the Kryterion site was not open Sat morning..

Anyways I was wondering, I checked the GIAC site and the test says its 75 questions two hours long but my test was 150 questions four hours long? I logged into SANS and yup I took the GIAC G2700 exam, but it said 150 questions?


  • tpatt100tpatt100 Posts: 2,989Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    Heh called SANS and found out that Oct 4th they released a new version that is half as long........
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    Does that mean there are two version out there right now?
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    After some Googling, it looks like the exam was originally called "G7799", but was renamed "G2700" on 2/1/2011. That G7799 exam was 2 hrs/75 questions. Maybe for the rename GIAC upped the exam to 4 hrs/150 questions, but I didn't find any explicit mention of that happening. Now you say it's back to 2/75, so maybe that 4/150 bump did happen during the rename and GIAC decided to go back.
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    Yeah I am confused as to what happened but as of now its a 75 question test and I am stuck retesting on the 150.

    On the bright side WGU waived the test retake fee due to the emergency and is giving me another chance.
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