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Hi guys,

Passed my CCNA yesterday. I am thinking I should look at doing this next. I have an old CCNP ISCW book and was wondering whether I could use that for this. Is this a suitable idea or should I buy the OCG?



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    The old ISCW was about secure WAN connectivity on the CCNP leve.

    I would always reading more and doing more, even it is not relevant to a certification. the ISCW would expand on the CCNA: Security Studies, but doesn't not cover everything required to pass the CCNA:Security, I would still recommend reading some CCNA:Security books. Maybe read the ISCW after you pass the CCNA Security to give you a more in depth look.

    Post Edited: I though you had already passed your CCNASecurity..
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    After scrolling though a list of exam topics for the ISCW, I would say that the ISCW book will definitely get you a good start on the CCNA Security topics. There are a number of topics in common, though I would assume that ISCW would go more in depth on those topics.

    It'll give you a good start, but it's not going to be enough. Right off the bat for example, I don't see ZBF on the ISCW topics.
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    Cheers for the info both. I think I'll buy something specific to CCNA security and use the ISCW one as a backup.
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    the ISCW would be good to supplement any further reading for VPN tunnels. From what I can remember that is probably the only subject that overlaps with the CCNA Security. So obviously the CCNA has way more subjects to cover, get the self study guide, the official cert guide didnt recieve many good reviews. Both books are cisco press. Goodluck!
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