70-236 Formatting Issues?

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Long time lurker here,

I have a question about the 70-236 in regards to the formatting of the questions. I took the exam last Friday and failed it - i doubted some of my answers, changed them and scored a 668, and wanted to know (without violating NDA's) if anyone else who had taken it lately had a problem with the way that words in the questions were spaced (or spa ced if yo u will).

As an instructor with a high potential for dyslexic students, I'm wondering if this is normal for this exam. I've written and passed 15+ certs and never had this issue before. If this is common, I'd like to write a strongly worded letter to Microsoft Learning for not considering students who know the material and have a disadvantage when reading the questions.


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    Haven't taken this exam myself, but if this is a disadvantage then you should always get this noted down by the testing centre staff. I've heard before where brightness problems etc. caused a student not to be able to read properly and he was invited for free at a later date once they have fixed the issue/
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    236 was a challenging exam, second only to the 284 Exchange 2003 exam in difficulty IMO. I didn't have an issue with typesetting when I took it 3 years ago, my issue was that the exam seemed to be half PowerShell syntax and half Exchange. I could see where the -cmdletOptionWithNoSpace questions may be confusing to a dyslexic student.

    MS does have exam options for students with disabilities. Here is a link to their accomodation information:
    Microsoft Certification Exam Policies l Exam Retake Policy l Non-Disclosure Agreement for MCP Exams

    On a side note, why are you taking 236 on Exchange 2007 rather than 662 on Exchange 2010?
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