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I recently acquired my Network+ (already had A+) and was planning on starting the MCSA/MCSE route. However, there is a good possiblity of my getting promoted to a network analyst position soon. So instead of a Windows OS test, maybe I should consider a Server, Active Directory, or Security cert. If I do get the job, I am really going to be playing catch-up learning all sorts of new things so I might as well study something that will give me the most bang for my time.

Any thoughts?



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    I would consider Security+, and if not that, then 70-270 (Win XP). Security+ has the benefit of being a cert unto itself, and counting as an elective to the Microsoft certs. I would not recomend jumping ahead in the MS line-up, as the tests generally build on one another, So take a Client test and a Server test, and you will have the basis for the other ones.


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    Heh, even though Security+ is a entry level certification, it still would look good on a resume, I personally would think.

    We all know how big security issues are when it comes to technology.
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    I would recco Server+ to give you good understanding of how the machine works. The network doesn't work without the machine. Sec+ is also a good cert, as it is a hot topic, but I don't think it's entry level, so it may be more difficult to grasp until you've worked in the field. MCSA is the traditional route, then MCSE. You've got an elective for MCSA already(A+/N+), so all you need is 210/270, 215, and 218 and you've got MCSA. Also, you may want to talk to some people who already do that postion you may get if you can, see what they think is more important. Every job is different.
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