CCNA Labs...Networking for the Real World!

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Saw this posted on Jeremy Cioara's blog:
Well, the CCNA Voice 2011 series has just completed on CBTNuggets and now I have my dream opportunity. A couple years ago, I approached CBTNuggets with an idea on a series called "CCNA Labs" - I wanted it to be a hard-core hands on series, similar to CCIE Labs but at the CCNA level.Now, my ideas are changing a little bit. I've met one too many people who are new to the Cisco world that say things like, "sure, I know how to configure a Cisco router...but what does a router really do again? Where would that go in a company? What's that do again?"
So…my point. The next series I’m creating will be CCNA Labs: Networking for the Real World. My primary focus is to create network technicians who can really build enterprise networks with a secondary eye to certification objectives. I’d love to hear your thoughts, topics, and ideas!

PS - This idea was inspired by someone telling me about the book Network Warrior.

CCNA Labs...Networking for the Real World! |

Sounds like a great idea to me. I know Network Warrior was a great read and these videos should be great, even for those of us that are past the CCNA.
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